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Transition with Tranquility has joined forces with start-up
Present for You (PFY)



See how Present for You doulas are supporting Goodwin Hospice

See Jane's interview on Fairfax Public Access with Ruth Pegeron of Lay to Rest
In the Cool of the Day - Live Well, End Well

Present for You LLC is in the process of being formed as a Delaware public benefit limited liability company. All families navigating the human journey through serious illness, palliative care, end of life, and family legacy encounter complicated medical, legal, and practical hurdles. Present for You LLC will deploy technology and diverse expertise to better address the non-medical side of human care. The company intends to focus primarily, but not exclusively, on facilitating equitable access and improving advocacy for populations traditionally underserved in these care industries. The goal is to improve quality of life for all during life’s most complicated phases.

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