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Support  Offered*

*Custom hourly support available, all fees negotiable.

Introductory Consultation

20 minutes


Let us hear about the current situation and how we might support you and your family during this part of the life journey.

Initial Consultation

1.5 hours


Let's spend some time understanding the details of the current situation whether that is serious illness or the later stages of life. Let's talk about what questions are on your mind and what keeps you awake at night.

Advance Medical Directive/Living Will

2 hours consultation: $150

Do you have an Advance Medical Directive?  Your end of life healthcare wishes should be known and documented. Consultation and document provided.

Life Meaning and Legacy Project


Everyone has a story. What is yours? What are the ripples you are leaving on this earth? Let's talk about it. A tangible legacy project to be created for your loved ones.

Vigil Plan


How do you want to incorporate your culture, traditions, and/or faith in your last chapter? Along with your loved ones, let's plan your last days according to your wishes. Written Vigil Plan provided and check-ins during active dying.

Legacy and Vigil Package


Legacy and Vigil together. Planning so the last part of your life journey is as sacred and tranquil as possible. Ongoing electronic communication(text, email or phone).

Bedside Doula Support, Vigil Support, Grief Processing

Multiple daily visits


Will you or your caregivers need support during active stage of dying?   We can provide respite/logistics help for caregivers. 24-hour electronic communication(text, email or phone). Reprocessing discussions post vigil. If needed, round the clock doula bedside support can be arranged.

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